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I looked for an instant locksmith assistance when I lost the 1997 Toyota Prius keys at the Ogden Smiths branch of U.S. Bank parking space !! Dean was truly amazing and asked for a justifiable price. Dean really makes an effort to help and it undeniably shows up. Dean brought me an original key, a thing that no other locksmith offered. I would recommend Ogden Locksmith Services for almost any auto locksmith services, instant or not. Awesome !! (Ralph I., 39th Street Ogden )

Called for an instant help when I misplaced the Opel Omega Sedan keys at the Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, National Association of Wells Fargo parking space !! Dean was really wonderful and charged a inexpensive price. Dean truly attempts to help and it undoubtedly shows. He also arranged an original key that no other Ogden locksmith was able to give. I would undeniably offer Ogden Locksmith Services for any auto locksmith services, instant or not. Keep it on !!! @ Maynard E., S Weber Dr Ogden

Had a lockout of my Mercedes Benz SL-Klasse near 1500. Dean from Ogden Locksmith Services was out in more or less 10 minutes. Very fast and truly within reason price. Fantastic job! ! (Pike R., Lake Street Ogden )

I locked out of my 2010 Isuzu and began searching locksmiths on YellowPages. They all had a minimum 9 hour wait and I have already imagined myself sitting the better part of the day. Then I was referred over to Ogden Locksmith Services by another too busy locksmith and viola! They were at my location on 1050 in more or less 15 minutes. I was so thankful for them - they were also cheaper than the competition as well. Thanks again! (Su Z., Ogden )

Dean and Casey and Ogden Locksmith Services were truly superb. My stepbrother and I had a slight emergency that had to be solved that very day and Dean and associate were able to accommodate last minute. They repaired our garage door promptly and with ease, even offered guidance on how to upgrade the locks. Near the end of the service, we got reminded that I had other trouble with double cylinder lock from Weiser and mentioned it. They fixed that also, without changing the price. I completely suggest calling Vance for all Ogden locksmith work. A number worth saving - Randy H. Ogden

I got locked out of my 1998 Audi S4 and started contacting locksmiths on Yelp.com. They all had a min 4 hour wait and I have already imagined myself waiting most of my day. Then I was transferred to Ogden Locksmith Services by another honest locksmith and viola! Vance was at my location on 23rd Street in just about 10 minutes. I was so grateful to them - and they were also cheaper than the competition as well. :-)! (Helen L., Ogden Utah )

My window lock broke when my father tried to lock it, and I was afraid calling a locksmith on the weekend (I have a whole plumber-locksmith, 'I'll charge you anything because you can't solve this without me' fear). Ogden Locksmith Services phoned me back quickly, provided an almost spot-on quote, Casey arrived at he time they said he would, and was a friendly and interesting talker while I waited there watching him repairing the door lock. He didn't only repaired it but also explained what was the problem with it and even made an effort to explain me exactly how keys are rekeyed, which was really interesting, and hopefully the copy keys he made for me won't freeze, which is basically what happened with the lock originally. I have no clue about pricing for this kind of job, but anything below $90 (it was $70 for the repair, visit, and 4 additional keys) was way below than I was dreading. And they take credit cards! (Henry Y. Ogden )